The Other information about Philippines

In the Philippines, we drive on the right side of the road, but its too crowded with children who are poor. The lights are turned sideways on some popular places. It is very strange how kids end up in the streets like that.
Most of the animals I see are dogs and cats. One of the water based animals is the fresh tilapia. They are all located in any beach and are a delicious fish to eat. All you have to do is steam it and you have a nice fresh dinner to eat!

In the Philippines, the time is always two hours later than it is in Guam. So if its 2:00 here, its 12:00 there.

The everyday house is pretty big. Upstairs is over the living room in one of the houses I used to live in. You can see everyone in the living room up there. The house had almost eight nice rooms: the bathroom (3), the kitchen, two bedrooms, a split room (which has nothing in it except a table and four chairs), and a top riser (the one I just told you about).

The capital of the Philippines is Manila (MUH-nil-luh). It’s not Pampanga or Paranaque. You can easily remember it.


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